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Official / Municipal / Area Information
Glenolden Borough
. 36 East Boon Ave. 610-583-3221
Glenolden Fire Company . 123 S. Chester Pike . 610-583-8380
Glenolden Police Department . 38 Boon Ave . 610-583-1312

Neighborhood / Community Information
Glenolden Library . 211 S. Llanwellyn Ave. 610-583-1010
Glenolden School . Macdade & Knowles 19036 . 610-237-6430

  Glenolden 19036, Glenolden Fire Company, Glenolden Library, Glenolden Borough Police Department, Glenolden Post Office, Glenolden Railroad Station, Glenolden Elementary School, Glenolden Borough Hall, Glenolden Community Park.

Some Glenolden History
The twenty-one acre property of Glenolden was originally owned by Swedish settlers then given to Luke Nethermark, who was the son of an early settler. Nethermark eventually died in 1755. Thomas Shipley bought the property and added 43 acres and a grist and saw mill in 1774. He left the property to his daughter Ann Shipley, who married John Jones. He sold the house, grist and saw mills to Caleb Phipps of Chester County, who eventually passed the property to his son, Elisha Phipps in 1808. In 1812, Halliday Jackson, who lived in what is today Sharon Hill, bought the sixty-three acre mill property. He rented the mill to Ephraim Inskeep. In 1828, Inskeep bought the mill for himself for eleven thousand dollars. The Grist Mill was popular with
New Jersey farmers.