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Official / Municipal / Area Information
Borough of Malvern Official Web Site
Great Valley School District . 47 Church Road . 610-889-2100
Malvern Fire Company . 424 E. King St., 610-647-0693
Borough of Malvern Police Department . 610-647-0261

Neighborhood / Community Information
Borough of Malvern Public Library . 1 E. First Ave., 610-644-7259
The Peoples Light & Theater Company . 39 Conestoga Rd., 610-644-3500

Some Malvern History
The land of Malvern was originally given as a Welsh grant to Quakers in 1631. This town developed slowly in the beginning. It used to be known as the West Chester Intersection, because in 1832, a rail line to West Chester joined the Philadelphia Columbia Railroad under construction. By 1889, it was called Malvern and became a lot busier. Between 1880 and 1910, there was a high concentration of buildings. The Paoli Battlefield is in Malvern and is listed on the National Register of Historical Places. The famous Paoli Massacre or Battle of Paoli took place in 1777. This important historical site has been a cornfield for almost 225 years. Malvern 19355, Malvern Industrial Park, Malvern Baptist Cemetery, Malvern Fire Station, Malvern Substation, Malvern Public Library, Malvern Borough Police Department, Malvern Post Office, Malvern Railroad Station, Malvern Preparatory School,
Malvern Borough Hall.

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