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Official / Municipal / Area Information
Boothwyn Fire Co.
   1405 Meetinghouse Road   610-485-0269

Boothwyn Fire Co. Ladies Aux   1405 Meetinghouse Road   610-485-2010
Marcus Hook Engineer

Catania Engineering Associates, Inc. Charles J. Catania, Jr., P.E.
520 W. MacDade Blvd., Milmont Park, PA 19033
610-532-2884 (phone), 610-532-2923 (fax)


Marcus Hook History
In 1678, at Upland court, a record appears showing from Hans Ollsen to William Clayton a deed for all his land "right and interest of & to his houses and appurtenances Lying and being all Marretties hooke." In 1682, the ancient name of Marcus Hook was changed to Chicliester, but the popular name was so fixed in the public that it wouldn't accept the new name and in spite of legislation and executive power, the village kept the old name Marcus Hook. Marcus Hook rapidly grew in 1682, after the coming of Penn. It became a rival of Chester. The two towns were equal size and consisted of about one hundred houses in 1708.
Marcus Hook 19061, Marcus Hook Fire Company, Marcus Hook Creek, Marcus Hook Police Department, Marcus Hook Post Office, Marcus Hook Elementary School, Marcus Hook Borough Hall, Marcus Hook-Campbell Public Library, Marcus Hook Railroad Station.

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