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Able Group Inc. for repairs, replacements and restorations for signs, banners, flag pole, fabric poster, etc. Signage installations for wall and canopy signs. New or replacements for office building and strip shopping centers. Signs and various signage installations of all types for Delaware County, Main Line and Philadelphia, PA. Neon, Commercial Neon, Signage and Lighting. Installations for wood and steel poles and special lighting. Restaurant Lighting, Signs, Equipment, Neon, Outdoor Light Box Signs. Lighted exterior signs come in a variety of sizes, face configurations and mounting options to meet your advertising requirements. Custom orders are available, please call for a quote. Have you ever considered an LED advertising display sign?

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Media, the Capitol of Delaware County by Contractors Solutions Inc.
By The Workers for Quality Property Improvements.

Official / Municipal / Area Information
Media Borough
Police Department . 307 N Jackson St., 610-565-6655
Secretary's Office . 301 North Jackson Street . 610-566-5210

Neighborhood / Community Information
Media-Upper Providence Free Library . Front & Jackson Streets . 610-566-1918
Green Ridge Volunteers . 610-494-6771
Martins Run . 11 Martins Run, Media, PA . 610-353-7660
The Center Foundation . 220 North Jackson Street, Second Floor . 610-565-6171
The Hedgerow Theatre and School . 64 Rose Valley Road . 610-565-4211
Tuscarora Lapidary Society . 105 W. Jasper Street . 610-565-8505
Tyler Arboretum . 515 Painter Road . 610-566-9134
Delaware County Chamber of Commerce . 602 E. Baltimore Pike . 610-565-3677

Some Media History
Media was different from most towns from the beginning. It was formed in 1848 on 48 acres to give a more convenient location for the Court of Justice for Delaware County. By the late 19th Century, Media became a very popular summer resort for Philadelphians. Several large vacation hotels were built like the Idlewild Hotel in 1871, which is on Lincoln Street at Gayley Terrace. There's Chestnut Grove House or "The Colonial" built in 1860 on Orange Street, and there's Brooke Hall on Lemon Street and Washington Avenue, which is now Baltimore Avenue. In 1854, as part of the Philadelphia Baltimore Washington Railroad, Media was connected to Philadelphia. In the 1890's and early 1900's, trolley transportation lines spread through Media. Other areas in Media 19063 include: Media Cemetery, Media Fire Company, Media-Upper Providence Free Library, Media Police Department, Media Railroad Station, Media Elementary School, Media Providence Friends School, Media Borough Hall and the Media Post Office.

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