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Two Phase Electrical Power began very early for large buildings.
Originally known as a polyphase alternating current electric power distribution system.
Two circuits were used with four wires, two for each phase.
Some early two-phase generators had two complete rotor and field assemblies, with windings physically offset to provide two-phase power.
By the early 1900's, two-phase power was superseded with three phases except for commercial distribution in center city Philadelphia.
PECO Energy has continued the service due to the difficulty in changing the internal electrical systems inside all the buildings that still depend on it.
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Many properties in the city are stuck with the oldest type of commercial electrical service "two-phase".
This was the norm 100 years ago, many properties are permanently wired for it so it remains active today.
Ask us about ways to deal with your electrical service limitations. We can provide the circuits required for any new equipment.
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