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Quick response, information for your email; costs, alternatives, options and selections. Experts for A to Z. Electrical, Mechanical, Construction needs. We are the most informative, trade-workers ready to provide services to please. Ready to work for you. Contractors with solutions to every facility concern. We are experienced in project design and layout, public safety, remediation. Quick to action for property remedy, in particular of reversing or stopping environmental damage, and vandal damages. Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Public Property, HOA, Multi-dwelling, factory machinery, Commercial Signage, Pylon Signs. Lighting Poles, Utility Poles. Aerial cable services, Transformers, Three-Phase. Conveyor Systems, Automated Systems and Controls, Safety Compliance Modifications, repairs, welding, etc. Sports Field Lighting, Community and Street Lighting. Factory Machinery - Motors & Controls.
1. Initial Service / Work Set Up / Travel $ 100.00 2. Switches - (single pole, standard toggle) Each Switch Added $ 85.00 3. Switches - (3-way or 4-way, standard toggle) Each $ 105.00 4. Switches Converted - from "single operation" to "3-way system" Each $ 125.00 5. Switches Replaced - replacement of an existing switch (3-way or decora add $5) Each $32.00 6. Switch Bank Expansion - (existing switch or switches converted to multi-gang) $75.00 ea. 7. Receptacles, standard Each $ 115.00 8. Receptacles, G.F.I.- (exterior receptacles add $25.00) Each $ 175.00 9. Receptacles, Quad - with standard devices Each $ 150.00 10. Receptacles DEDICATED CIRCUIT - 20 amp (with standard devices) Each $ 170.00 11. Receptacles Replaced - replacement of an existing standard receptacle Each $32.00 12. Receptacles Replaced - replacement of an existing receptacle to a G.F.I. receptacle Each $78.00 13. Special Cuts Made - for switches/receptacles in cabinet, paneling, tile, etc. (approx.) Each $105.00 14. Switch & Receptacle Wall Plates - (single gang, maxi, medal, ivory, or white) Each $8.50 15. RELOCATIONS relocation of a switch, light, telephone, cable outlet, etc. (approx.) Each $125.00 16. REQUIRED WIRING SPLICES accessible junction box(15 or 20 amp) Each $ 105.00 17. Lighting Fixture Outlet - (rough-in only & with wiring access) Each $ 115.00 18. Lighting Fixture Installation - (surface type no assembly required) Each $ 90.00 19. Lighting Fixture Installation - (with .5 hrs of assembly required) Each $ 100.00 20. Power Supply Circuits, Appliance Circuits; ( 15A & 20A ) Each $185.00 21. Appliances - connections only (15A & 20A) Each $55.00 22. Power Supply Circuits, Heavy Circuits -( 30A & 50A ) Each $325.00 23. Ceiling Fan Installation - assembled and installed to an existing outlet Each $145.00 24. Ceiling Fan Installation - with existing outlet box replaced for proper support, Each $205.00 25. Ceiling Fan Installation - assembled and installed with new wiring and box outlet, Each $305.00 26. Ceiling Fan Accessories -extension rod, light fixture, wall control, etc. Additional $75.00 27. Recessed Fixtures - LED (standard sizes) Each $188.00 28. Recessed Fixtures - LED (non-standard size) Each $255.00 29. Under Cabinet Fixtures - LED 12", 18" or 24" Each $218.00 30. 4FT Fluorescent Fixtures - Not Available 31. 2X4 LED Flat Panel Fixture - Each $ 208.00 32. Existing Grid Mounted Fixture - relocated & reconnected to same circuit Each $100.00 33. Exit Sign - LED with battery back up (with wiring access) Each $218.00 34. Emergency Lighting Unit - 12 volt, wattage for up to 5 remote heads Each $285.00 35. Emergency LGT Remote Heads - powered from emergency unit Each $ 145.00 36. Restroom Vent Fan - 80 CFM (ductwork not included) Each $215.00 37. Data Outlet - Cat5, Cat6 Each $215.00 38. Cable Outlet (No Splitters or Jacks Included) Each $ 145.00 39. Circuit Breakers - added to existing panel, interchangeable type. Each $ 68.00 40. Circuit Breakers - Arc Fault added to existing panel. Each $ 168.00 41. Power Pole - includes pole, 1-120 volt circuit and installation Each $320.00 42. Electrical Demolition - includes work in dealing with existing wiring Per Hour $85.00 43. SUB- 12 circuit panel with 60amp sub-feeder Each $880.00 44. New Service Upgrade SEE OUR WEB PAGE 45. Special Electrical Installations not listed above PER HOUR (see Special Notes below) $85.00 46. Permit & Inspection Fees approx. (License Fee Not Included) $250.00 47. Smoke Detectors - 120V. interconnected with battery back-up Each $275.00 48. Electrical Trouble-Shooting, Circuit Diagnostics - $85.00 per hour. Special Notes: Add approx. 30% for MC wiring. Add 40% for EMT conduit. Add $12.00 for Switches for 277V. Circuits SPECIAL CONDITIONS - additional charges apply for: Projects having less than 5 Line items. Service panel over 70 feet away from the project.

Barrier Arm, Lift or Motorized Gates for Parking Lots. Electricians, Installers & Constructors - About Us. Electric Auto, charge point certified installations, Smart EV for commercial properties. Three Phase, Two Phase, Single Phase, Philadelphia area Commercial-Industrial Power.
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Buck boost transformers are single phase, four winding transformers designed for two purposes. The first is to reduce or raise line voltage from five to 20 percent. A good example is boosting 208 volts to 230 volts. They have a dual voltage primary and a dual voltage secondary. The second use of buck boost transformers is to use them as low voltage isolation transformers for use on 12, 16, 24, 32, or 48 colt circuits. They have capacities of .050 kVA to 5.0 kVA. Some of the applications include low voltage landscaping lighting, and they are UL listed for outdoor service. Buck boost transformers are ideal for changing line voltage by small amounts. Some of the major advantages for using buck boost transformers are their low cost, compact size and light weight. They are also more efficient and cost less than isolation transformers. When connected as autotransformers, they can handle loads up to 20 times the name plate rating. A great source for all of your buck boost transformers is TEMCo Buck Boost Transformers. You can be assured when buying a transformer, TEMCo or Acme Transformers are the best transformers for your money. When the buck boost transformer has the primary and secondary windings connected, it becomes an autotransformer. With this technology, only the secondary windings are transforming voltage and current. The majority of the KVA load passes directly from the supply to the load. This is the reason autotransformers can supply a load with a larger KVA rating than the nameplate indicates. Always remember when purchasing a step down transformer, seek out a more reputable and experienced manufacturer such as Acme Step Down Transformers. A quality manufacturer will save you money in the long run and provide many years of quality service.

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House lighting is normally incandescent lighting at low levels for silhouette and decorative purpose. It's intended to show the room to its best advantage. It is essential that the house lighting does not light the stage or orchestra pit or areas meant to be out of sight. Work lighting should be bright. Work lights are intended for cleaning and maintaining the room. Aisle lighting is usually mounted on chairs, and can be concealed under the armrests if desired. The old standard design - every third row on alternating sides of the aisle - now looks too dim and uneven, and is inadequate. Stage Lighting should be invisible to the audience. Most stage lighting fixtures are located in the auditorium at an out of sight location and controlled remotely by the facility staff. Egress lighting is the required lighting for a quick exit of every person. Egress passageways must be kept on, by law, at all times the room is occupied. Egress lighting includes aisle lights, lighting on cross aisles, lighting in vestibules, and lighting on all other legal means of egress. Exit lighting is the required lighting signage in order to direct every persons out of the building. The red or green exit signs above egress doors. Exit signs near the stage are very objectionable. The only good solution is to not locate exit doors anywhere near the stage. Auditorium Equipment and Lighting.
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Have you dialed your "811 One-Call Center" yet? This way, a professional can inspect the ground thoroughly to prevent damage. The pipeline company will come to your house and examine the ground. They will indicate the pipes with certain markers, depending on the pipe. However, the signs aren't that specific. It doesn't indicate the exact location, depth, or pipeline pressure. They are more as a guide, but you're better off with than without them to help you get an idea of where to be careful. *Information provided by "Dig Safety" National One-Call Referral Number Ask us anything about pipe leakage, gas and oil damage, marking of the pipes, signs of underground pipe leakage, precautions of underground digging, etc. call before you dig, 811, information service, trenching, pipe leakage, gas, oil, underground pipes, safe digging, ground work, ground digging, pipe breakage, pipelines, gas detectors, gas odors, underground pipelines, pipe damage, gas leakage indications, Delaware County, Philadelphia, PA. Because ice and snow present so many hazardous conditions, product development has come a long way in creating a vast array of equipment to melt it as it falls. If you want quick "switch-on" snow removal, consider installing an environmentally friendly, automated snow melting system. Our Electrical De-Icer Cables as well as the Hydronic heating systems are the cost effective solution for the exterior of your property. Eliminating ice and snow buildup without deicing chemicals. Economical installations for home, office, retail store, apartment, industrial facility and/or handicap residence. Heat Tracing, Freeze-Free Pipes, service and installations. Pipe Insulation Installers, installations for pipe insulation. Better ideas come from our experience for Snow and Ice Melting Systems. In concrete or in your blacktop asphalt, electrical snow melting does use energy until the snow begins to fall. Your roof, canopy, gutters and spouts are de-iced before accumulation. Flat Roof ice melting systems protect the structural integrity of for the roof. Snow is heavy and damages your property during a time when it is most difficult to repair. We also offer low cost installations for home gutters and spouts, your roofing shingles, valley, ridge, flat roof and electric snow melt for concrete steps and walkways.